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Key West boat glass bottom Information

Discover spectacular underwater views normally reserved for divers our bottom boat. A wide variety of fish and other sea creatures await you looking at the underwater world of Key West. They also have the opportunity to see life as coral reefs in North America, one of the marine ecosystems of the greatest biodiversity. Majestic impressive Elkhorn and brain coral, to be determined in appearance fragile and vulnerable, for more than Glass Bottom Boat in Key West 300 species of fish in the service that complement the colorful and fascinating landscape. Along the journey, our captain and experienced crew is a unique and informative eco-tour offer and highlight some of the most interesting marine species that inhabit the waters of this beautiful island. Special glass window on the reef, which provides the continuous display, is available for all passengers.

If you visit the incomparable beauty of the Miami to Key West flights  underwater world off the coast of Key West, Florida and our staff on board our ships large glass coming background unforgettable adventure tourism. You can without getting wet to discover the breathtaking wonders under the water’s surface. It is not necessary for diving training or diving equipment to see the magnificent biodiversity that develops in the habitat of coral reefs; you can see large window of our glass bottom boat looking through the underwater world clearly booming. The excellent clarity of the water in this area, you can see all the beauty of this country Prismatic water miracle.

Florida Keys offers its guests a unique experience in its ecological type system coral reef to live with his visit. The extensive reef system in the Keys is the only living coral reef on the east coast of North America and the only simple living coral reef in the continental place of United States. The flow of hot water from the Gulf Stream keeps the temperature constant hot water in the Keys have in the waters around Key West remarkable from the comfort of our glass bottom boat underwater world of corals growth. Witness promotes luxury, Pride of Key West. This magnificent motor catamaran can be seen live coral on the Atlantic coast of North America.

This fantastic itinerary not only allows passengers the incomparable beauty of the coral gardens beneath the surface waters through a large window in the hull of pride Key West to experience, but also to see the sunset spectacular in the waters of the area flicker.

Tips for Email Marketing Success

Have you sent out email marketing campaigns over and over only to get little to no response? Today’s email users are savvier than ever before and the same tired tactics of the past won’t work. If you want to get more responses to your email marketing campaigns, try the following tips:


  • Provide value. It’s not about what your customer can do for you; it’s about what you can do for your customer. All too often, this marketing truth is forgotten. Your customers’ time is valuable so you need to make sure reading your email is worthwhile. Including coupons, discounts and special offers is great, but don’t forget to offer actionable advice as well, such as helpful tips relating to your industry.
  • Rethink your subject line. There’s nothing that will aggravate a customer faster than a misleading subject line. Expecting one thing and then opening your email to find another is a sure way to end up in the trash folder. Craft a subject line that tells your customer exactly what’s in the email, what benefit you’re providing and an immediate call to action.
  • Provide a clear call to action. Speaking of that call to action, the call to action that’s both in your subject line and in the body of your email is what will drive your customer to your website where – hopefully! – they will buy something. As crazy as it sounds, if you tell customers exactly what you want them to do, more often than not they will do it. For example, “click here to get 25 percent off!” or “Visit our website and receive a free…” are great calls to action. Your customer knows exactly what they are supposed to do and what benefit they will receive when they do it.
  • Regularly clean your list. When was the last time you went through your email list? You don’t want to spam your entire email list with offers not everyone will want. Tracking which customers are new and which ones bought which products is extremely helpful. That way you know which email campaigns will be most successful with specific people on your email list.


Of course, it’s important to make sure your emails will be welcome in the first place. You can do this by only emailing people who have actively signed up to be on your emailing list. This will ensure you have a healthier, more effective email list.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile Web Design: What it is and What it Means
By 2014, mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage. For those not already on board with mobile web design, the train is now officially leaving the station. However, mobile design is not merely a matter of making objects smaller. Instead, mobile design calls for an entirely different philosophy and perspective. Some of these differences are obvious and some less so.

“Flavors” of Mobile Web Design
Two primary techniques comprise mobile web design in 2013, each with advantages and disadvantages. These techniques are discussed in detail below:

Responsive Web Design
A responsive design detects the user’s device type (desktop, mobile, tablet) and adjusts layout properties accordingly. Among the advantages of responsive web design is that only a single URL is necessary. Similarly, the look and feel of the site is the same regardless of device, an important aspect of building brand loyalty and recognition. On the other hand, a responsive web design is rarely optimized for mobile users. Because the HTML is the same for both the desktop and mobile instances of the site, the content is essentially the same as well. However, mobile users often have different expectations and needs. Slower performance and navigation are also potential drawbacks of responsive web design.

Understand the End User
It sounds like an oversimplification to say that mobile web users are different from desktop web users, but this one fact is probably the most important takeaway when designing for mobile platforms. Mobile users are predominantly goal-oriented. They’re looking for a restaurant, checking on a reservation, seeing what movies are playing, etc. Mobile users are “intentional”: Their browsing typically is purposeful. Good designers understand this and ensure that all design elements contribute to the site’s purpose.

Prioritize Functionality
Above all, a mobile site has to work. Slow response, broken links, a wonky interface and bugs will all deep-six the best intentions of any mobile developer. Designers have one chance to capture a visitor’s attention. On the desktop, a stunning layout and aesthetics alone can sometimes do the trick. For mobile web purposes, however, the site must be fast, easy and perform exactly as expected, every time.

Balancing Performance with Design
Despite the advances in Smartphone hardware, they are still relative lightweights compared to the most powerful desktop computers. Web designers have to be aware of the limitations of handheld and tablet devices. Too much code, too many bells and whistles and the mobile site will slog to a halt. Screen size is probably the most obvious limitation. The content present on a desktop site will never fit on a mobile site. For that reason, traditional menus and options simply don’t work. Designers have to be creative and selective. An example of this might be an air travel booking website. Whereas the desktop site will be a virtual library of information, pictures, calendars, etc., the mobile site might consist merely of flight schedules at the nearest airport. After all, most mobile users are checking on a flight with their smartphones, not booking one or investigating the tourist hotspots at their destination.

Because mobile users are on the move, bandwidth changes from one location to the next. Good mobile web design copes well with periods of weak data signal by not over-relying on dynamic content.

Concentrate on Branding
At the end of the day, branding and content are the cornerstones of any company. Mobile web design cannot neglect the identity of its parent organization. Mobile users frequently navigate directly to a specific site rather than searching, so name recognition is essential. Even if the brand already has strong market penetration, ensuring a quality experience for all mobile users will help maintain and build brand loyalty.

Will Desktops Be Left Behind?
The short answer is no. The more complicated answer is that no one can be sure of the evolution of web design 5 or 10 years from now. It’s possible that the best practices of mobile design will subsume desktop design, bringing simpler and more efficient interfaces to users everywhere. However, it’s hard to imagine the need for information-dense, substance-over-style design philosophies becoming obsolete.